This project intends to implement a complete environment for the support of the the WAP standard in Erlang. However, currently this means conformance only to a subset of these standards.


28 Aug 2004 Released xmerl-0.20
This release mainly includes (lots of) work to improve the parsers compatibility with the W3C standard (by Bertil Karlsson and myself). Also xmerl now requires ucs See changes.txt for a detailed list of changes.
4 Nov 2003 Released xmerl-0.19
As one can expect (almost a year since the last release...) there are lots of new stuff in this release. Apart from improved documentation, we now have validation support (Sebastian Becuwe), better namespace handling (Erik Reitsma, Ulf Wiger), XSL:ish support in the Erlang way (Mikael Karlsson) and further improvements to the export functionality (Richard Carlsson). Not to mention a large number of bug fixes. See changes.txt for a detailed list of changes.
12 Nov 2002 Released jnets-0.1
This is a major update, and the continuation of the inets-3.0JB serie of releases. Name was changed to avoid confusion with the Erlang OTP branch of inets. Changes include a major update of the HTTP client and speed-ups of the HTTP server core. Note that this is still a very much an experimental beta version, expect many updates/changes in the future. Especially, the internal API will change!
17 Oct 2002 Released ucs-0.3
Changes since 0.2 includes: Improved performance for translation of character sets to/from Unicode, known to be subsets of Unicode and support for non-IANA defined character sets. See changes.txt for a detailed list of changes.
24 Sep 2002 Released xmerl-0.18
Changes since 0.17 includes: Improved simple-format (Richard C), ability to handle fun() in xmerl_xpath expressions (Ulf W), and lots of bugfixes! See changes.txt for a detailed list of changes.
7 Mar 2002 Released xmerl-0.17
Changes since 0.16 includes: Improved HTML export, new option {line, L} to specify starting line for scanning, option {space, (preserve|normalize)} to control behaviour when scanning whitespace and of course bugfixes. See changes.txt for a detailed list of changes. Specifically, note that the xmerl_scan functions string/1, string/2, file/1 and file/2 now all return a tuple {Result,Tail} if scanned successfully.
25 Feb 2002 Released inets-3.0JB-b
This version has been successfully tested against the test-suites found at http://www.ee.oulu.fi/research/ouspg/protos/testing/c05/http-reply/. It also successfully pass all tests in the latest version of the internal Erlang OTP inets test suite. Changes includes some minor bugfixes and a re-sync with the OTP-P9-20020214 snapshot release.
31 Jan 2002 Richard Carlsson joined in development of xmerl
21 Jan 2002 Released inets-3.0JB-a
Based on the OTP-P9-20020110 snapshot release. This version has an extensively rewritten "core" and includes an HTTP 1.1 server, HTTP 1.1 client and a module for URI parsing. I have also made some very preliminary benchmarks.

Next release

The next release of the SO WAP! Gateway (jngateway-1.0) will be released whenever the following are implemented. With the current code it is also possible to construct a simple WAP Client, with no rendering, as the client stacks and WBXML decoding are implemented as well.

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