Note that all these downloads requires you to have Erlang installed.
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HTTP 1.1 client and server. This is an updated, faster but experimental, inets clone compared to the inets version found in OTP R9B-0 (available from Changes include a rewritten HTTP 1.1 server "core", and some updates of the HTTP 1.1 client. Note that the previous version (inets-3.0JB-b), may still possibly be a better alternative if upgrading from the the inets version found in R9B-0.


Provides some basic support for decoding, encoding, and handling of ISO 10646 character strings (Unicode).


A single-pass, highly customizable XML parser and XPATH query engine. Also capable of export/translation from XML to HTML and "text",


A WAP Gateway with support for WSP, WTP, WDP (only support for IPv4, UDP packets) and WML (encoding and decoding) of the WAP standard are implemented. This package includes the ucs-0.2, xmerl-0.16, sowastack-0.9.1 and sowaputils-0.1.1 applications, as well as some configuration scripts to setup a WAP Gateway.